Yee-Haw for the Houston Rodeo!

The 2014 Houston Rodeo is almost here Screen-Shot-2013-02-21-at-3.05.42-PM-e1361477195987and we’re (literally) shaking in our boots with excitement! If you’re not a Texan or not even “country” for that matter, don’t be shy. The Houston Rodeo appeals to all sorts of people.  I promise – there’s for everyone! Besides, do you expect Usher to suit up in a cowboy getup and hop onto a raging horse to barrel race? Absolutely not!

The Rodeo will be hosted at the usual venue, Reliant Park, and will take place March 4-23rd…and all you concert people, believe me, this is one of the best entertainment line-ups we’ve seen! Artists include Brad Paisley, Selena Gomez, Reba, Usher, Blake Shelton, Maroon 5, and so many more. (For a complete listing, click here.)

If you’re unfamiliar with the Rodeo or unconvinced that this could be the event of a lifetime, let me try to convince you otherwise. I’ve come up with the top 5 reasons you should attend. Here they are:


1.) You’ll never find another Rodeo like this in any other city, state or country. It’s such a unique event that it cannot replicate anywhere else. So go ahead, add it to your bucket list just to mark it off come March.


2.) They literally have events for all ages. Children ages 5-6 can participate in Mutton Bustin’ (quite possibly the cutest event ever), teens can attend their favorite concert, and adults can enjoy a date night with Texas’ best country food and the livestock exhibit. But don’t forget Grandma! There’s bound to be a booth or two full of cowgirl glitter for her at the Western Shopping Mall. (To learn more about the endless event opportunities, click here.)

3.) Aside from being the world’s largest rodeo, this is also the first and only opportunity for many children to see livestock up close. Also, the livestock show features certain exhibits to show live births of animals, including calves, lambs, and chicks.. While not appealing to some, it’s a rare opportunity to watch the miracle of life take place.


4.) When else will you have an excuse to load up on foot-long corn dogs and fried Oreos or Twinkies?

5.) They’ll give you an opportunity to work on your boot scootin’ every night 6pm to midnight. Not to mention the chance to dance with real cowboys. Not sure who they are? Trust us, you’ll recognize them!

With all that said, I truly hope that you’re convinced to visit the Houston Rodeo. After 80 strong years of existence, we believe in the event and can’t wait for it to begin. You won’t regret it!


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