Glasgow Hotel Video Reviews Increase Website Traffic

With the advent of faster broadband speeds and video sites such as You Tube and many others, the power of video is now beginning to become apparent to both marketing professionals and potential clients alike. None of this is particularly new technology Рvideo in various formats (tape, discs and digital) has been around for years, as has the internet. However, broadband speeds are now such that you can view a video online without the picture freezing while the download speed tries to keep up with the streaming. At we have been producing online hotel video reviews for years now, and were the first major online booking agent to do so. At we are developing the video content on our website and will in the next few months be increasing the content significantly. We do already have some videos on the site, and the amount of traffic visiting these is a high percentage of the overall traffic to visit the site. The figures are as follows: - leading the way in hotel video reviews globally

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Sticky Carpets? Hairs on the Bed? Quick Glasgow Hotel Reviews Coming Soon! What Would You Like To See Reviewed?

How many times have you opened up a “Hotel Review” blog or post expecting to read some unique insights into the hotel only to find it contains old or copied words written by someone who has never actually been to the hotel? Very often I’ll bet! Well,¬†aims to change all that – new for 2012…….

A Typical Hotel Bed

Would you sleep in this bed? Can you see any hairs?







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