Hotels near SECC Glasgow

Anyone not familiar with the whereabouts of Glasgow’s premier conference and exhibition centre, the SECC, may wonder where the best hotel accommodation is nearby.

Do you know where this is and how to get there?




If you’re visiting the city for a conference, a concert or an exhibition has put together a selection of accommodation we’re happy to recommend. This can be found here: The site is packed full of useful information which we update regularly and which you will find unbeatable as a one-stop-shop of information. The hotels we have featured all offer unique experiences, and we are confident you will find one that meets your needs exactly. If you are unsure of what’s available and want to talk to a local independent hotel expert, just call 05602 892974 or 07515 330836 and I’ll be happy to help you book. In addition to that very personal service we’ve also included an extended information section, including the following:

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ICSEMIS Convention 2012 Glasgow Hotels

NO BOOKING DEADLINE! GREAT SELECTION OF GLASGOW HOTELS! ABSOLUTELY NO DEPOSIT NECESSARY! Although not the official accommodation provider for ICSEMIS 2012, has put together a great selection of partner hotels for the ICSEMIS Convention at the Clyde Auditorium in Glasgow between July 19th and 24th 2012. We have created a unique website especially for this event at Just copy and paste into your browser and off you go!

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ICSEMIS Conference 2012 Clyde Auditorium

No Deposit Necessary! No Deadline for Booking! Payment on Departure! Friendly Local Glasgow Hotel Booking Expert!

Although not the official accommodation provider for this event at the Clyde Auditorium, has put together a selection of hand-picked accommodation close to the event venue. We pride ourselves on our local knowledge of hotels and our time, care and attention taken when dealing with our clients’ accommodation requirements. What else can we offer that you may not get elsewhere?

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