Glynhill Hotel and Leisure Club – Glasgow Hotels Reviews is delighted to bring you another Glasgow hotel review - in the spotlight this time is the Glynhill Hotel and Leisure Club in Paisley Road, Renfrew. Its location is just about 5 miles west of Glasgow City centre, and it’s less than 2 miles from Glasgow airport and 5 minutes from Breahead Shopping Centre.

We’ve had access to the hotel and met with its Sales and Marketing Director, to understand directly from her what this hotel is all about. We’ve also been on a tour of its facilities and rooms and bring you the inside track on the standard you can expect when you go to stay there on our website But first here, a quick summary of the main points we took in during our visit and a score out of 100 for the hotel:

Criteria Comments Score out of 10
Location 5 miles from the city centre, so not for those wanting to enjoy the delights of Glasgow on foot, however ideal for those returning from holiday or on business and needing a quick getaway from Glasgow airport 6
First Impression – decor Scruffy main entrance, gets better in the Reception area 6
First Impression – welcome Friendly helpful staff 10
Hotel Cleanliness Excellent throughout – the whole hotel was fresh and clean 9
Business Facilities Plenty of space, all IT-friendly and very flexible meeting rooms 9
Rooms Good standard and choice of room types. Good for those wanting a good standard but not the “square” room types” 8
Restaurant Choice of 2 restaurants, a Carvery/Grill and a Bistro/Gourmet offers something for everyone. Plenty space too. 8
Bar Choice of 2 bars, Harry’s Bar and the Cocktail Bar, open until the last resident retires to bed! 9
Things you might not know Many of the world’s finest Pipe Bands stay here for the annual World Pipe Band Chanpionships! This backs up the fact that the hotel is excellent for groups! 8
Unique Selling Point Close to Glasgow Airport and Braehead Shopping Centre, ideal if you want somewhere outside the city centre with all the facilities 8
Total Uniquely situated and a good 4* standard hotel and leisure club. 81


So there you are, an 81% score for the Glynhill Hotel and Leisure Club! Top score so far!

The Cocktail Bar

Have you stayed in the Glynhill Hotel and Leisure Club in Renfrew? Do you agree with the scores and views expressed above? If so I’d love to hear from you to share your views and opinions!

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