ICSEMIS Conference 2012 Clyde Auditorium

No Deposit Necessary! No Deadline for Booking! Payment on Departure! Friendly Local Glasgow Hotel Booking Expert!

Although not the official accommodation provider for this event at the Clyde Auditorium, www.hotels.tv/Glasgow has put together a selection of hand-picked accommodation close to the event venue. We pride ourselves on our local knowledge of hotels and our time, care and attention taken when dealing with our clients’ accommodation requirements. What else can we offer that you may not get elsewhere?

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Hotels Near SECC Glasgow

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to try to find suitable accommodation near Glasgow’s SECC for a big event or conference? What are the   options? Well, there are easy options associated with that venue, but the choice is limited. There are more difficult and time consuming options searching through the booking agents, but generally they are for hotels only. Even if you do find a hotel of your choice, what about the other stuff you need to know? What do I mean?

Glasgow's Famous "Armadillo"

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Glasgow Hotel Review – BaBy aBode Hotel Glasgow

www.hotels.tv/Glasgow is delighted to bring you another Glasgow hotel review – up this time is the aBode Hotel in Glasgow’s Bath Street. In fact it would be more accurate to call it the BaBy aBode Hotel after its recent rebranding!

aBode Hotel Glasgow Fabulous Suite

How about this for a room?

We’ve had access to the hotel and met with its Sales Executive, Laura Osborne, to understand directly from her what this hotel is all about. We’ve also been on a tour of its facilities and rooms and bring you the inside track on the standard you can expect when you go to stay there on our website www.hotels.tv/glasgow. But first here, a quick summary of the main points we took in during our visit and a score out of 100 for the hotel: Continue reading