Sticky Carpets? Hairs in the bed? What Would You Like To See Reviewed?

How many times have you opened up a “Hotel Review” blog or post expecting to read some unique insights into the hotel only to find it contains old or copied words written by someone who has never actually been to the hotel? Very often I’ll bet! Well, aims to change all that – new for 2012…….

A Typical Hotel Bed
Would you sleep in this bed? Can you see any hairs?



we aim to bring completely fresh reviews containing information on all the things you want to read about and that will help you decide which hotel to stay at!

But first we want to hear from you what you would like to see reviewed. For example, do you want to know what brands they have behind the Bar? What about the colour schemes of the bathrooms, or the types of toiletries they have (and whether they are in small bottles to, ahem, take away, or are in containers fixed to the wall)? Maybe a hair net is important to you, or free WiFi? Whatever the detail we’ll try to find out and include it in our reviews. This could be fun! Also, if you have any specific hotels you would like reviewed, please let us know. specialises in presenter-led video reviews and we aim to give you, the customer, an independent warts-and-all review of the hotels in question. Even if a hotel doesn’t want or need a video to showcase their facilities can still provide unique insights into what they have to offer.

Anyway, first things first – please let us know what you’d like to see reviewed, and/or what hotels you’d like reviewed and if you have any quirky requests, then all the better! Reply to this Blog, or email us at or and we’ll make sure we find out for you!


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