Need a Glasgow Hotel for the International Comedy Festival?

With less than 6 weeks to go until the Glasgow International Comedy Festival hits town, many people will be looking for a suitably great value Glasgow Hotel to relax in whilst they enjoy the hilarity and fun of the acts on show. I can recommend a small number of Glasgow Hotels via our website,, but first I’m going to pick my favourite acts on show, two that I’d like to go and see. Then I’ll pick 4 Glasgow Hotels that I’d be happy to stay in (if I didn’t live locally, that is…….So, what 2 acts would I like to see? The first is Arnold Brown. Some might say, “why” and all I would have to say back is, “…..why not…..?” I don’t know what it is about him that makes me laugh, but he does. The second act is Craig Hill! I remember seeing him first on the uniquely Scottish “Floor Show” a number of years ago and he made me laugh then, although I haven’t seen him since. The reviews he gets are great, so I would be confident he’d put on a great show.

So, what about these Glasgow hotels I’d recommend then?

Well first would be the Grand Central, adjacent to Glasgow Central station. It’s recently refurbished and offers 4* accommodation for 3* prices. That combined with its location and somewhat grand entrance and Champagne Central and Tempus Bar and Restaurant makes this an easy choice. Check out the latest deals on

Second would be The ABode Hotel on Bath Street, a 4* boutique venue. Again quite central this hotel was formerly known as The Art House and boasts the world-renowned Michael Caines Restaurant. The rooms are all fresh and newly appointed and the staff friendly and helpful. Again for the best deals

Third on the list is The Menzies Glasgow. Located on Washington Street and sited on a historic Rice Mill, this hotel has 12 spacious apartments as well as traditional bedrooms. It also boasts a spa facility for guests to unwind in after a hard day’s laughing! For best deals visit

Finally for those on “a budget” I would recommend the Amadeus Guest House.¬†Overlooking the River Kelvin, the Amadeus Guest House is a 9 bedroom Victorian town house. Details on

So, there you have it. Two acts to see and a choice of 4 Glasgow Hotels to retire to after the show. Glasgow’s a great place to be as well, and there are other hotels I would recommend for your stay, so check back for the next few.

What are you going to see at the Glasgow International Comedy Festival? Where are you going to stay in Glasgow? Let me know and tell me how you get on!


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