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We know there are hundreds of websites for you to choose from when thinking about booking your hotel in Glasgow. in Glasgow offer a unique and personal service to all of our customers, whether it’s a one night stay in the city or a business meeting with a glasgow hotel requirement.

We guarantee the best published price and work extremely hard to add value to our customer bookings.  For example, one of our customers booking a hotel in Glasgow recently needed a double room.  She had made the calls to at least four hotels and was advised all double rooms had gone!  Enter the team to assist our damsel in distress.

You see, we have personal relationships with most of our hotel managers which means we can pick up the phone and seek to find a solution for our customers!  That exactly what happened.

Needless to say our customer got her double room, on the night she wanted it… a better price with breakfast thrown in!

It goes without saying our customer was a happy one!  That just one story of how we’ve supported our customer booking a hotel in Glasgow.  You probably know that we are a corporate hotel booking agent in Scotland as well as a specialist on-line booking agent in Glasgow.

Anyway, whatever your needs we’d love to hear from you.  Take a peek at or if you prefer email us directly to book your hotel in Glasgow at




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