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All the web gurus and marketeers in this 21st century will tell you all the good reasons why you should have a video hosted on your website! Market research within the hotel industry shows that over 70% of people like to see real images, experience the reality of the hotel and connect to where they are potentially going to stay. You see it’s because of our human senses, our sight, our ears, our touch and taste that we prefer to feel what it might be like; see more than pictures and read more than words! That’s why internet social sites like Facebook has millions of followers world wide.   If you as a hotel in Glasgow wondering about video marketing and is it right for your brand then please continue to read.

Glasgow Hotels Video
“lookers to bookers” in Glasgow are not only experts with corporate hotel bookings and group bookings, we have a specialist arm to our business that purely focuses on hotel video content for your hotel in Glasgow. It is affordable and costs from only *15 average price nights per video (*depending on your night rate)

Google loves video content and so do your customers! There is no better way to encourage your lookers to bookers by using experiential video content and playing to all of the our human senses and emotions. Take a look at our very own video for corporate clients here in Glasgow can produce your video with a professional trained presenter.  The video shall belong to you for all marketing purposes and we shall host the content across our UK web.  Did you know we are partners with vistitbritain TV? Your video will be stretched far and wide (not literally!) to an audience across the globe.

If you are looking to spend your money wisely and get the best out of your marketing budget then look no further than Glasgow. We have over 30 years experience in sales and marketing and we’d love to support you in growing your brand.

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