Glasgow Hotel Review – The Merchant City Inn is delighted to bring you another Glasgow hotel review – in the spotlight this time is the Merchant City Inn, 52 Virginia Street, Glasgow G1 1TY. Its location is in the heart of Glasgow City centre,

Wooden floors and basic rooms at the Merchant City Inn


We’ve had access to the Merchant City Inn and met its Manager, Janice Joyes, to understand directly from her what this hotel is all about. We’ve also been on a tour of its facilities and rooms and bring you the inside track on the standard you can expect when you go to stay there on our website But first here, a quick summary of the main points we took in during our visit and a score out of 100 for the Merchant City Inn, a budget Glasgow Hotel:

Criteria Comments Score out of 10
Location In the heart of Glasgow’s Merchant City, ideal for city centre visitors. 8
First Impression – decor Impressive exterior courtyard, small entrance but a roomy and adequate Reception area 6
First Impression – welcome Friendly helpful staff 8
Hotel Cleanliness Excellent throughout – the whole hotel was fresh and clean 9
Business Facilities None – this is a bed and breakfast establishment n/a
Rooms Basic but clean. Ensuites are in need of refreshing though. 5
Restaurant/Bar Lovely basement restaurant serving continental and cooked breakfast only 7
Things we like Basement restaurant, basic but clean accommodation, location in city centre, the spiral staircase 8
Things you might not know The building used to be a tobacco warehouse 300 years ago! n/a
Things we don’t like Close to city centre night clubs, so can be noisy. 5
Total Situated in the heart of Glasgow city centre, basic but clean budget accommodation. 56

The entrance is part of a turret!


So there you are, an 56% score for the Merchant City Inn, reflective of its lack of business facilities and basic accommodation rather than anything particularly negative!


Have you stayed in the Merchant City Inn? Do you agree with the scores and views expressed above? If so I’d love to hear from you to share your views and opinions!

Remember, for the in-depth review, and more “things you didn’t know” visit, where you’ll find information unique to and not available anywhere else!

Some of it will raise your eyebrows and some will make you want to book directly via


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