Glasgow Group Accommodation

Booking Group Accommodation can be a real pain – especially for the one person in the group who’s given the responsibility for the rest of the group! Where do you start? Some typical questions might be:

- Where do we want to stay? In the middle of a city, in the outskirts or in the country?

- What sort of place do we want? A hotel, hostel or a B&B? Does it have to have a gym or a pool?

- What’s the cheapest option?

- How do we negotiate a discount?

- Do we want somewhere with a late bar?

- Once we’ve found where we want, how do we actually book it?!

etc, etc, etc

Are you part of a Group? specialises in booking Group accommodation, and here in Glasgow we have a huge number of options to choose from for groups of all shapes and sizes. In the past we’ve booked stag and hen weekends, school and sports club reunions, work nights out, wedding parties, foreign tour groups and even whole orchestras!

So if you’re coming to Glasgow as part of a group, why not let take the strain out of finding and booking your accommodation? The service is FREE and the only hassle you’ll have is getting there!

So call us now on 05602 892974 or 01899 810760 to book your Glasgow Group accommodation.


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