Corporate Hotel Booking Agents

Alan Tennant,  Managing Director of in Glasgow has over 20 years experience working for a FTSE 5 and FTSE 100 companies specialising in procurement, strategic supplier collaboration and category management.

One of Alan’s area of expertise is the procurement and added value of travel management. This is one of the many reasons why Alan has invested in to grow the brand of in Glasgow and the wider regions of Scotland.

We know our market extremely well.  We understand the corporate hotel booking market is aggressively competitive.  We also know our competitors.  If you use a corporate hotel booking agent you will more than likely be charged a managed fee per annum.

We are building and continue to grow our brand and our outstanding service in Scotland.  Our corporate extra-net booking is free to use.  Just to clarify, please feel free to use our no charge corporate extra-net service!

We’ll even introduce our experienced account directors who will support you and build on our relationship over time.

It really is that simple.  So, if you would like to drive cost away from your business, enjoy the best published and negotiated corporate rates, use our bespoke extra-net service for your organisation, then we really must talk!