Client Review of Glasgow Hotel

It’s not often that a client feeds back positively about their experience – usually any feedback tends to be “constructive” or at worst “damning” or “negative”! However I am happy to report that here at we have received positive feedback from a client we helped find a Glasgow hotel for a weekend away. This is how it worked:

We took a call from a potential client who was looking for a hotel near Glasgow near a specific area. He was aware of a number of hotels nearby but they were full or not to his liking, and he wanted our help finding somewhere that perhaps he hadn’t heard of and that met certain criteria. The sting was that we had only 10 minutes to find him what he was looking for! Well, everyone likes a challenge…

A few phone calls later and we had sourced a 4* hotel in the area he was looking for at a rate he was happy with. One more phonecall and the potential client was converted to an actual client, and the booking was made.

After his stay he texted me the following feedback:

“We had a great overnight stay at the Carnbooth House Hotel!. Staff were first class and I mean THAT polite, helpful and courteous! We had a good night and the bed was wonderful! Ron the Operations Manager who was covering Night Manager shift was tremendous – as late as we got in he made us a sandwich, which was welcomed after a few beers! Great breakfast – staff were fresh and switched-on to our needs. When we checked out the lady was fab, cheery and bright. Nice and welcome experience – I think it’s important to pass on praise when it’s well earned and I’m sure other clients wishing to stay in this locality will be pleased to be steered to this hotel and for sure we will go back on other occasions now we know where they are! We will also use again when required. Thanks for finding this wee gem, I thought you would like to know that we were very pleased!”

A Great Review of this Hotel!

This was a typical example of what we do at Our client was on the move, in the car, running out of time. He knew what he wanted but didn’t have the time, knowledge or means to get it. That’s where we come in – we do have the time, we have the knowledge and we have the means to get our clients what they want, so we were able to convert our client’s wishes to reality. This is the hotel in question:

If you find yourself in a similar situation to the client above, we’re here to help. Call us on 01899 810760, email or contact us via Twitter @Alan_Tennant. We look forward to helping you find your ideal Glasgow Hotel!


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