Hotels Near SECC Glasgow

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to try to find suitable accommodation near Glasgow’s SECC for a big event or conference? What are the   options? Well, there are easy options associated with that venue, but the choice is limited. There are more difficult and time consuming options searching through the booking agents, but generally they are for hotels only. Even if you do find a hotel of your choice, what about the other stuff you need to know? What do I mean?

Glasgow's Famous "Armadillo"

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Will you watch the Music of Black Origin (MOBO) Awards in Glasgow 2011?

N-Dubz with MOBO Award 2010

Will Tulisa escape from the X-Factor to visit Glasgow's MOBO Awards on Oct 5th?

Two recent articles in UK broadsheet newspapers seemed to suggest that the MOBO Awards are sometimes misunderstood, or perhaps not understood at all. Find out which newspapers I’m referring to and why I think the MOBOs are here to stay and don’t really need to be understood anyway! Continue reading