Business Team Meetings – Is Grand Central Hotel Glasgow a good business venue?

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Where is the best Glasgow hotel for your next Business Team Meeting?

Having a team meeting in Glasgow? Need a hotel that provides all these facilities? Wifi, a private meeting room, and tea and coffee on demand?

There are several hotels that may meet your business meeting needs here in Glasgow, but finding the right one depends on your exact requirements – there is no “one size fits all”.

I’ve investigated all the best hotels for business team meetings – the top choices may surprise you…

Grand Central Hotel offers the facilities you need and expect for a business venue:

  • WiFi
  • Private Metting rooms
  • Water/Tea/coffee/biscuits on request

- but there is far more to it than that, as you will know if you want to have a successful meeting – especially if you have the embarrassment of a meeting go horribly wrong in the past due to a glitch. Ask yourself the following questions, and how the answers may affect your chances of success…

  • Is the hotel easy to find, if you have visitors from out of Glasgow?
  • Is there parking at the hotel, or nearby? How much will it cost?
  • Is it accessible by public transport? Which buses pass near the hotel? When? Does the airport shuttle include the hotel in it’s route?
  • Will the wifi be fast enough if you have a room full of employees or clients all online accessing the internet at the same time (and the hotels is full of guests and other businesses using the wifi at the same time)?
  • Is the meeting room conducive to doing business? Is it quiet? Are there a choice of rooms? What other facilities are offered? Is it close to the restrooms, or will your meeting attendees have to wander the halls in search of a loo?
  • Is there a projector, and will the hotel staff help with connecting up the equipment? What if there is a cable missing, r your presenter turns up with an Apple Mac instead of a PC? Will it still work?
  • Will the coffee and tea be delivered without interrupting the meeting?
  • If the meeting runs over time, will you be asked to vacate the meeting room if it has another booking following yours?
  • Is there a choice of places to eat at the hotel and near the hotel?
  • What are your needs and concerns? Please share your meeting room requirements so I can be sure to answer them here.
Call me now to make a booking for your next team meeting and I’ll make sure that you get the best deal and the most appropriate facilities for your needs. Please contact me by completing the form below.


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