Association Member Benefits

There are many Associations, Societies, Royal Societies, Colleges, Royal Colleges, Institutes, Councils and Professional Bodies out there, all of whom have hundreds, maybe thousands of members.

Are you part of an Association?

Why? Well, from our experience here at it’s because they gain something from membership, whether it be industry insights, exams, conferences, networking opportunities or access to new research. There are often other “unrelated” benefits such as discount opportunities on a range of purchases, from insurance and professional services, to car hire and valet services. What has all this got to do with I hear you ask? Well……….

Take for example a large professional association with both direct employees and potentially thousands of members worldwide. As well as the benefits mentioned above, can offer a UNIQUE corporate hotel booking platform which can be used for both the direct employees and the members! Often members will be sole traders or working for small companies, and as such will not have access to corporate travel deals, making their hotel stays ever more of an issue. What’s more, offers this service COMPLETELY FREE!!

Here at we are already working with a number of such societies and associations, and are delivering great value to both direct employees and their members. Not only do small companies suddenly have access to preferred rates, but the benefits extend beyond that alone:

- their own corporate extranet

- flexible booking options – phone, email, online or by enquiry form, all supplied by

- access to late “special deals”, driven by customer denad and feedback

- great leisure deals, again driven by customer requirements

So, if you are an HR Director of a small or medium sized company, or of a Society or Association with a Member Benefit scheme, can offer you immediate benefits for your hotel booking!

Contact us on 01899 810760, 05602 892974, by email at or complete the feedback form below. What are you waiting for? It’s a FREE SERVICE!!


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